Cardinal Power Plant

The Cardinal Station occupies a unique place in the history of electric power generation. It represents the first-ever alliance of a member-owned utility - Buckeye Power, an electricity generation and transmission cooperative - and an investor-owned electric utility- AEP - to construct and operate a power station to serve both their consumers.

Buckeye Power is owned by the 25 electric distribution cooperatives it serves in Ohio. Buckeye Power owns Cardinal Unit 2, placed in commercial operations in late 1967 and has a generating capacity of 660 megawatts (MW). Buckeye also owns Unit 3, which began operation in 1977 and has a generating capacity of 630 MW.

AEP owns Unit 1, which was placed in operation in early 1967 and operates all three units on behalf of the owners.

The Cardinal Station is located along the Ohio River just south of Brilliant, Ohio. It employees over 224 employees with an annual payroll of $22 million. It uses approximately 4.2 million tons of coal in a year and by 2010 will be the cleanest coal burning generation facility in the world.

Almost all the power delivered to members of Holmes-Wayne Electric is generated at the Cardinal Station. Additional generating resources include 55 MW of power from the New York Power Authority, 200 MW of power form the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) and 510 MW of peaking power from the Robert P. Mone Station.

Video Tour of Cardinal Station