Greener in Ohio with EnviroWatts

It’s everyone’s responsibility to care for our environment. That’s why Holmes-Wayne Electric is offering the EnviroWatts program. EnviroWatts is a green power program exclusively for Ohio electric Cooperative members. The power for this program is generated from renewable energy sources such as solar panels and bio-digesters in Ohio. That’s renewable energy going into Ohio’s power grid.EnviroWatts is offered in “blocks.” Each block represents 100 kilowatt hours of renewable energy purchased for this program. Each block costs just $2 a month. You decide the level of support that’s right for you – one block, two, three or more.To sign up or to learn more, give us a call toll-free at 866-674-1055 or send an email.

You can make things Greener in Ohio. Sign up for EnviroWatts today!